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 Northwire image BioCompatic | USP Class VI Silicone Alternative
Optimal chemical resistance, maximum flexibility and cost-effective are just some of the benefits of Northwire’s newest Silicone Alternative Cable offering. The robust materials are ideally-suited for life science applications and translate effectively to achieve high-flex life performance in industrial environments as well.  Unlike traditional silicone with long lead times, Northwire’s innovative solutions are available with the industry’s fastest lead times of 5, 10 and 15 days.
 Sunon art Sunon Cooling Solutions
Sunon designs and manufactures a full range of high-performance fans, blowers and coolers. The company is committed to supplying the widest selection of quality axial fans and blowers, which includes DC brushless fans, micro DC blowers, CPU coolers, graphic card coolers and AC fans.
 MJK MKJ "Trinity" Series Connectors from ITT
this product demonstrates its robust design through the inclusion of specific, customer requested technologies including Pogo Pin contacts while delivery these technologies in a small, miniature circular form factor which provides substantial savings in both size and weight.
 Dialight1 LED Light Pipes from DIALIGHT
Dialight’s light pipes are for full surface mount PCBs that require visual indication. These are mechanically mounted after reflow. Light pipes are optical conduits that direct the light from an LED indicator to the viewing location, usually at a right angle from the circuit board.
 02 Diodes Incorporated Announces World’s Smallest Self-Protected MOSFET
Adding to its IntelliFETTM product range, Diodes Incorporated has introduced the world’s smallest fully self protected low side MOSFET. Packaged in the 2.3mm x 2.8mm footprint...
 04 Diodes 3 Terminal Positive Voltage Regulator
Designed for Use as a General Purpose Regulator for Distributed Power Systems: The AP78Lxx series supports a wide range of fixed output voltages making them well suited for a b...
 06 New Diodes Power Switch Family
Diodes Incorporated has extended its series of USB power switches with the introduction of 12 new parts, providing a cost effective and small form fit for USB ports in a wide ra...
 300 Artesyn Embedded Technologies New LCM Power Series
Artesyn Embedded Technologies new LCM Series provides industrial and medical equipment manufacturers with a highly reliable  power solution at a competitive cost. LCM 300, 600, 1500...
 LPS353-CF Artesyn Embedded Technologies LPS350 Series
The LPS350 series are 350W enclosed AC to DC power supplies. The series features active power factor correction and a wide range of protection functions available. The LPS350 series has a universal input range and worldwide safety approvals, voltage outputs are available from 5 to 24V.
 10 ITT Cannon's Industrial Ethernet RJ45
High speed Ethernet networking within many industrial environments presents severe constraints. Cannon offers a new connector solution fitting your most extreme requirements i...
 17 ELUM by C&K
With one of the smallest profiles available on the market, the C&K ELUM combines high performance and competitive cost. It is lead-free and compatible with high-speed reflo...
 16 Low Quiescent Current (4nA/10nA) Slew Rate Controlled Load Switches
For Portable Applications: Cellular Phones – Smart Phones – PDAs – Bluetooth Headsets - MP3/MP4 Players – GPS – other portable devices. AP2280 and AP2281 Product Highlights ...
 13 Dialight Prism Indicator Products
Dialight has expanded its industry standard Prism® indicators to include bi-level configurations. These devices withstand the re-flow soldering process and are physically c...
Artesyn Technologies has launched five new high current density point-of-load (POL) converters that provide dramatic savings in board real estate and external component costs. A...
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